Friday, 15 May 2009

Macritchie bonding

For the past few years, especially when the kids were small, my whole family including all aunts, uncles, cousins (maybe about 20-30 of us at one time), we would often have get-togethers in different houses. Sometimes we would go places outside for picnics. Sometimes we go places like East Coast Park to swim and cycle and picnic. Sometimes we go Punggol Park, Botanic Gardens, Seletar Reservoir and Macritchie Reservoir, anywhere with nature, where the kids could run about and play, and we adults could chit chat. It was less expensive than going to a restaurant where you sit and eat and go off. You could not mingle otherwise.

One of our favourite nature places was Macritchie Reservoir because it was quiet, breezy and beautiful with the clean reservoir and surrounding greenery and there was no crowd. We really loved this place as the kids really went wild running around, playing, rolling down the hills, playing with water, catching fish, cycling, going for brisk walks, catching a nap.

Most of the time, we had company from the occasional monkeys who dropped in on us while we were feasting on our picnic food. They were really naughty cheeky fellas, and not afraid of humans. The kids were so taken with these hungry monkeys and so excited and happy when they see one. You realise the happiness shown on their faces were genuine, and heartwarming, and you could not buy that with any amount of money.

Looking back, those times were a splendid way of getting together as a family and just relax and chit chat. It might be tiring at times during weekends when we just wanted to relax at home and sleep, but family bonding was made of these little little insignificant occasions, get-togethers that made us closer.

This is my favourite shot of the Macritchie Reservoir. Maybe it's time we go for another picnic soon....

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