Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Big Breakfast, anyone?

One of the mornings, I suddenly felt like having McDonalds breakfast.
So I went and ordered a Big Breakfast and replaced the usual sausage Mcmuffin patty (which was usually my favourite) with a sunny side up egg, as well as the scrambled egg, hash brown, plain burger buns (with jam) and Latte!  Think I will do my own scrambled egg next time, as their scrambled egg was quite bland.
I couldn't help snapping this guy in front of me, having a little nap in the cosy corner of McDonalds. He must be lovin'it and enjoying his nap.  :P
Sometimes I just like a local breakfast from the market or coffeeshop. These are what we called "chwee kueh", pieces of saucer-like rice cakes made from steaming cups and added with cai por (preserved radish) on top.
Since we are at "cai por", I found this Cai Por Pancake in Eminent Plaza hawker center. This was made on the spot. They put in the flour mix, added an egg, and strips of carrot as well as cai por and mix in well inside the pancake mold. After about 5 minutes, it was ready. It must be eaten hot. This stall came out on TV before, with its variety of sweet and savoury pancakes. Think I still prefer the sweet flavour like peanuts and cheese. For savoury cai por, I still prefer a plate of white fried carrot cake (added with cai por) - below.

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