Sunday, 22 November 2009


Recently, met up with an old friend for some catch up. We had Korean food at Hansang Korean Family Restaurant at Novena Square 2. This new wing is full of vibrant little shops with food and interesting finds.

I didn't know what to order, as Korean food is 95% meat, like BBQ pork, beef soup etc.. and I didn't want to have kimchi tofu soup (also with meat). In the end I ordered this dish of what looked like vermicelli, the Korean version of cold noodles.  BiBim Naeng Myun is Korean spicy cold wheat noodles. There was a piece of pork in it which I gave to my friend. This thin vermicelli looked more like our version of tang hoon, but tasted springy and very chewy, perhaps too much so much so that it took much effort to cut, chew and swallow the noodles. No wonder the waitress brought a pair of scissors with her when she served us.
Before the cold noodles came, there was even free appetiser, a rectangular plate of tofu, ikan bilis, and a few big beans. They were nicely marinated/prepared. I like the tofu and beans, nice touch. Again didn't touch the ikan bilis. As normal, there were many side dishes which were complimentary as well. We ordered some tempura veggies to share. Korean tempura is slightly different from Japanese tempura (which is more crisp and fluffy). Korean tempura was somewhat harder and it comes with this red sauce to dip in. This is actually the rice cakes sauce which was a little sweetish, sprinkled with sesame. Reminded me of those piping hot rice cakes selling at the Korean roadside carts.

This was how the noodles looked like, all tossed up. It looked spicy but it was not spicy at all.  It was something new (and cold), but the noodles were too much for me, as it was extremely chewy. It made sense to share this bowl of cold noodles actually. I did not use the side sauces much. To wrap up the meal, we were served complimentary dessert - cold pieces of water melon - nice!

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