Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Resplendent tiles and a Mr Lee

Oh my, I am excited about this dream last night. It was a long dream but I could only recall snippets here and there.

I was walking about in the city (not sure where I was heading to). There were the usual cars and taxis along the road. I remember particularly, there were lots of blue taxis (our Comfort cabs?). Then I came to a particular building. It looked something like this building in the photo but newer and more modern. The building in my dream was much taller with at least 6 storeys or higher, and very sturdy-looking. It was a beige and square building made of bricks. It looked a little weird compared to the other commercial buildings nearby.

I went into the building, and there were many people inside. It looked like a huge place selling electricals (looked something like Courts the furniture store), but I could not remember seeing any electricals (haha!). You know, in my dreams, I am always in huge compounds or huge convention halls. I was walking around checking out the place. There were many tables or counters everywhere. I saw a Malay couple talking to some guy about something. I also saw an Indian couple talking to another guy negotiating something. It seemed like something was happening.

I came to a table, and saw a stack of notes bundled up, it looked like thousands of dollars and there was a piece of white paper on top of the money. On the paper, scribbled in pen, was what looked like the dialect name of a chinese person. The most freaking part was, I can even roughly remember the name now. If I recalled correctly, it was a name Lee Sia Choon (or was it Lee Choon Sia?). I do not know anyone with this name, or was it a name of a company? Felt weird to remember the name even now.

In the dream, afraid that someone might steal the money, I picked up the stack of notes on the table and wanted to go look for the person with presumably that name. I went about searching for this person. However, throughout, I felt uneasy and guilty with the stack of money with me.

I did not find that person. Someone told me he was the organiser for some event and I might find him in another place. I walked and walked in search of that person but to no avail. I was pretty sad, wondering what to do with the money. Finally I was home.

Something caught my eyes outside my living room windows (similarly in real life, I have an entire stretch of floor-to-ceiling windows in my spacious living room). I noticed there were some colourful roof tiles (reminiscent of those temple rooftop) being erected just outside my windows.  From my floor, I saw the entire roof with tiles of a "temple" just barely one metre away from my windows! As I walked towards the windows, I saw the "temple" below was actually supposedly a huge tent (the size of a basketball court) which was already erected,  laid with chairs and ready for some event. I found it a tad strange that for just a simple tent, the roof was so elaborately constructed, with resplendent tiles!

From my windows,  I looked down towards the tent. I saw a lama seated on a simple throne seat, conducting prayers! He was waving a vajra and bell. And when I looked beyond the Lama, at the background was a huge space with hills faraway. I gasped with excitement in the dream. Then, end of dream.

I think this was an auspicious dream.

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