Friday, 18 December 2009


Dropped in at 313@Somerset, the new shopping mall in Orchard Road briefly. Didn't have time to shop. Was just there for lunch at the Food Republic on the top floor. Perhaps will review the place and shops next time (BTW, Uniqlo has an outlet here too!).

I ordered the Thye Hong Prawn Noodles. Had to check how good it was compared to the outlets in Vivocity and Suntec City.  They used Opeh leaves, cut into the shape of a boat.  Well, the Opeh was supposed to enhance the taste of the fried noodles. I would say it was comparable to the Vivocity outlet. 

Also ordered BBQ fried chicken wings and Bak Kut Teh from Balestier, as the signboard said. The wings were not up to expectation, it was  hard, whereas the BKT was just so-so. At the rate some of these dishes were priced in a food court, I think I could have gone to Han's or Jack's Place.

I noticed something new in this foodcourt. There was a lady peddling drinks on a 2-wheel scooter! What a novel way to go about in this huge foodcourt, plus the lady was very smiley, friendly, quite pretty and spoke good English. This two-wheeler is battery-powered and called the Segway, distributed by a company who has collaboration with Jackie Chan. Remember Jackie Chan was here to launch this some time back? Well, this two-wheeler will set you back at about S$13,000. I heard some individual professionals have bought it as well, to use it as a mode of transport to work.


  1. Hey thats a wonderful post..for me it turned out to be a nostalgic one..i recently visited Singapore and had whole lot of fun there...Orchard Road Visit indeed memorable!

  2. Nice post!

    Walked past it on Tues, crowded, so thats 313.. got to go back and visit it again. =)

    And the chicken wings, looks so yummy!

  3. Viyoma,
    Hope you had fun in Singapore! Next time u visit, there are a couple of these new malls to check out. :D

    Hong Wei
    Erm, you may prefer something else than the chicken wings. Try hokkien mee or something else. :)


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