Saturday, 19 December 2009

Together or not together?

I have not been following the new Channel 8 drama series, Together 当我们同在一起, which is set in the 1960s. However, there was an episode I caught by chance. The leading actress, Jeanette Aw, was forced to become a dancer cum "PR officer" in a night club, in order to help pay off the gambling debts of her father. She was in love with her neighbour, played by Dai Yang Tian, who also loved her. He would wait outside the night club every night for her to finish work, without her knowledge.

One night while the guy waited for her outside the night club, he witnessed her getting into a cab with another man. He followed them on his bicycle and even fell down along the way. He barged into the hotel room, confronted and punched the man, who was actually drunk. The girl, shocked at his appearance, slapped him and asked him to leave. He left in a huff.

It was actually a misunderstanding but the guy did not know it. The girl did not sleep with her client. It was then that the girl realised he has feelings for her. All along she thought she was the one who loved him. When she tried to explain to the guy later, he said he would no longer bother her anymore. Girl was heart broken. I think the girl is to end up marrying the guy's best friend, or something like that.

In life, this is how fate often plays the trick on star-crossed lovers. Both parties love each other yet both do not tell each other about their feelings for each other. It is often when something happens that both realise they love each other, but by then, it is too late.

If I were the girl, I would not remain aloof and reticent and would have tried to explain the misunderstanding to the guy when he was calmer. If I were the girl, I would let  him know my feelings for him, instead of having to second guess. If I were the girl, I would not choose to remain silent and be misunderstood when problem arose.

If I were the guy, I would profess my love to the girl earlier so that she knows my feelings. If I were the guy, I would still wait for her outside the night club every night because I want to ensure she is safe. Better still, I would help her pay off her father's debts so that she does not need to work in a night club anymore.

If you love someone, let him / her know. At least if the feelings are not mutual, you  can move on faster. Do not wait to address a problem only when something happens or when misunderstandings arise and when both are already hurt. Often when one is deeply hurt, it is only then he /she realises it is time to let go and move on, whether one still loves the other party or not. And like they say, 越伤得深,越明白爱要放得开.


  1. I often think that our asian reticence stands in the way in communicating our most intimate feelings to one another. Agree ?

    My hubs always say that it feels good to hear those special words from a loved one. He puts it into practice on a daily basis n yes ... I'm catching on - haha.

  2. Yes I believe in being romantic, becos it makes me feel young and happier!

    You're a lucky gal with such a sweet hubby! Envy!


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