Monday, 25 January 2010

Vegetarian lunch - Butter Naan!

Was at Ananda Bhavan, an Indian Vegetarian restaurant (more like fast food with self-collect counters). I love butter naan and the 3 types of gravy. If I am craving for Indian food again, I am going to check out these places too, as recommended by Adrianna (@skinnylatte). 

Saravana Bhavan (vegetarian, at Syed Alwi Road)
Murugan Idli   (vegetarian, at Syed Alwi Road)
Anjappar (spicy Chettinad food, at Race Course Road)
Usman  (at Desker Road)
Sakunthala (at Dunlop St)


  1. Looked really delicious except I have always order garlic or cheese naan. Yum!

  2. I like garlic naan too but cheese naan.. was afraid it will get too jelak. Naan itself is sooo filling. :D

  3. Madura's opposite Mustafa is great too.

  4. Really, will take note, as I'm there pretty often. Thanks, Rachel!


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