Wednesday, 31 March 2010

50 things that make me happy

@patlaw wrote in her blog what were the 50 things that made her happy. Thought I had do the same, and see if I do have 50 things to be contented with. It took me only one hour to complete this. See, it's not that difficult to make ourselves happy.

1. Those whom I like remembering what I like.
2. Enjoying a cuppa and cake with a loved one in a nice place.
3. Bumping into someone I know but he/she can't recognise me.
4. An empty train or bus.
5. Daily cab rides.
6. Striking lottery even if it is just $20.
7. No bad hair day.
8. Looking at layout of houses (childhood interest).
9. Arranging and rearranging furniture around the house.
10. Having auspicious dreams like meeting my gurus or The Buddhas.
11. Niece and nephew.
12. Predicting something that came true.
13. Being around happy people with no ill intentions.
14. iPhone and many accessories/Apps.
15. Being a listener to someone in need.
16. Travelling for leisure.
17. Autumn in another country (anywhere, especially Switzerland).
18. Eating chocolate anything.
19. Cooking for someone special.
20. Checking out and buying fengshui items.
21. Reading fengshui books.
22. Being in a holy place, feeling the surrounding awesome energy.
23. Having a bowl of ramen with shiok soup base.
24. Convincing boss /co-workers/staff my strategies will work.
25. Unlimited gadgets to play with.
26. Discovering new eateries.
27. Discovering the right fit for a job position.
28. Past mementos from special people.
29. Music.
30. Knowing a new found friend is true.
31. Having someone tell me I'm funny (in an intelligent way).
32. Doing charity and donations to the needy.
33. Donating blood.
34. Knowing the parents are proud of me.
35. Writing writing writing.
36. Making an elderly person happy.
37. Buying special gifts for special people.
38. Giving treats every time.
39. My clothes smelling of that heavenly detergent powder from Dubai.
40. Finishing a good book in extra fast time.
41. Taking fantastic impromptu shots.
42. Not making yearly resolutions.
43. Finding a nice pair of shades that suits my face.
44. Knowing I'm heading towards the right Path (towards Enlightenment).
45. Looking at and buying bags.
46. Not knowing my weight (haha!).
47. Cycling with breeze blowing across my face.
48. Learning something new spiritually.
49. If I am going to have a son in the near future.
50. Actualizing my dreams one by one.

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