Thursday, 1 April 2010

今生今世 There Was Leslie

Today is April Fools' Day. Today is also HK singer/actor 张国荣 Leslie Cheung's death anniversay. It has been 7 years since he took his own life. If he is alive, he would be 46 this year. I was not  exactly an ardent fan of this handsome actor.  However, this is one of the Cantonese songs I love, 今生今世, from the movie 《金枝玉葉》. Such touching lyrics (if there is an error when you click Play, go Youtube to listen, totally worth it). 

Nonetheless, he was a part of my growing up years.
May Leslie has a good rebirth.

1 comment:

  1. ya, a pity he left early. his 追 was also phenomenon. :) Good post girl. :) Glad I came by.



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