Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Are you green enough?

I read from Dasmond Koh's blog about his effort to promote a "Clean & Green" environment. Dasmond Koh is a local host/compere/Radio DJ.

Below is one of the clips Dasmond did from his interviews with some of our local celebrities that night. I like this one with Cynthia Koh and Bryan Wong.

I think it is a worthy cause because living in Singapore, we may not feel or see the urgent need to save the environment as we do not see how people and animals from other countries are suffering as a result of harm done to our natural habitat, the Earth. Definitely more can be done, and the first and foremost is to create the awareness.

I found this comprehensive list online, 172 ways to save the environment. The problem is, many of us already know HOW to save the earth, but we just do not conscientiously put in more effort in DOING so. We can remind ourselves, no matter how small our act is, when many people are doing it and it becomes a global effort, the impact and consequence do make a difference. Remember, our actions do have an impact on others, and more importantly, it ultimately comes back to us. I always love this quote by Edwin Hubble Chapin: "Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity". So we have to be mindful always of our own actions and consequences. 

Be green today.

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