Monday, 3 May 2010

In the kitchen....

It has become a habit to show what I've been cooking in the kitchen every other week. I don't cook everyday but when I need to, it is usually for family and closed ones. I like to  try whipping up some new dishes sometimes and it is a good chance for me to let my loved ones be my guinea pigs try them. I prefer dishes that requires no fuss and easy to cook. Most times, however, the dishes I cook are the underated home-cooked dishes which mom or grandma to cooks for us.  While I go on a vegetarian diet on different periods, I do still prepare some dishes which my family like, even if I don't eat them.

These are Minced Pork Patties. I've tried making different variations of pork patties. The trick to having tender patties, I feel, is to marinate the minced pork beforehand. I used sesame oil, light soya sauce, little seasoning powder, chopped onions, little oyster sauce, pepper, cornflour, one beaten egg. If you want a more crunchy taste, add in chopped water chestnuts. After marinating them for at least 2 hours or more, you just need to fry it on the wok with hot oil. To garnish, just throw on some chopped spring onions on top. The family loves it.

- Stir fry vegetables with chinese mushrooms and roast pork (siew yoke)
- Sesame black soya sauce pork
- Stir fry Szechuan veggies with mushrooms, pork and fried beancurd cubes.
- Bak Kut Teh (aromatic peppery soup with pork ribs and chinese herbs)

- Steamed Cod Fish 
- Steamed Eggs (3 Types - chicken eggs, salted eggs, century eggs) 
- Braised Pork and fried beancurd
- Stir fry Lettuce with carrots and ham slices

This is an Indian vegetarian dish - Aloo Mutter. I usually order this dish if I'm having Naan in an Indian  restaurant. I do not know how to prepare the spices et al. I normally buy pre-cooked Aloo Mutter sauce. I just add on steamed potatoes, beans and chopped onions and stir fry them with the sauce. It never goes wrong and it satisfies my on and off craving for this dish. 

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