Friday, 4 June 2010

As bizarre as it gets.......

I had a weird dream recently. I cannot recall the dream in its entirety, just snippets here and there.  I consider it weird because I could make no sense of head or tail of the dream.

In the dream, I was in some place which I felt was in China because the people I saw looked like people from China.

The low buildings and houses were low and old. It felt like a primitive village or old town. Not a modern city.

Don't you think they looked like people from China?  Usually in a dream, in order to depict what I saw, I would scour the internet for pictures which are closest to what I  had seen in the dream.

I was walking along and exploring some empty streets with the occasional one or two passer-bys.  Then out of nowhere, I saw two Ani-las (Tibetan Buddhist nuns) standing along the street.

Just as suddenly, 2 lamas also appeared. The 2 monks went to talk to the 2 nuns and then after a while, they proceeded inside a house. I continued walking.....

Then I entered a house or building, which when I looked out of the windows, it seemed to be on a mountain top, a very very high place on top of the mountain.  There were valleys and valleys and mountains beneath where I was.

I began to notice far away down at one valley, there were 8 or 9 blue dragons floating around! Yes, they were BLUE in colour and there were EIGHT or NINE of them and they looked something like this one in the picture. The dragons I saw in the dream were more friendly looking, smiling and a little comical looking too.  It seemed they were being briefed by a man at the valley. Then after a few moments, the dragons dispersed from the gathering, and each flew off in different directions.

One of the dragons flew up towards the mountain top to the house I was in, and it stopped right outside my window, peering in. It did not do anything but was just floating there and smiling. I felt a little bizarre when I woke up and overwhelmed by what I saw in the dream. 

I went online to search for the meaning of dreaming about dragons. It was said that dreaming of a dragon means amazing power, is highly spiritual and symbolises the wisdom aspect of the mind. To dream about dragons is very auspicious.  

To further elaborate, I also found out about the meaning of the dragon as a symbol in Tibetan Buddhism. The Dragon is one of the 4 mythical animals which represent various aspects of the Bodhisattva attitude, like strength, protection and cheerfulness. The 4 mythical animals are the Dragon, Tiger, Snow Lion and Garuda.

The Dragon thunders in the sky with the sound of compassion that awakens us from delusion and increases what we can know through hearing. Dragons have the power of complete communication. Just as we do not see sound, we do not see dragons -- at least not usually. Displaying a dragon banner is said to protect one from slander and enhances one's reputation. Its main quality is power, dominance over the sea, and the water element.

This is not the first time I dreamt of a dragon actually. A few years ago, I
dreamt of a Green Dragon and it was just afterwards that I found my root guru, Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

I leave you with a cute story of a dragon, adapted from Moonpointer.

In ancient China, there was a person who liked dragons very much. He talked about dragons to his friends, and he painted dragons, and he bought various kinds of dragon sculptures.

Then a dragon said to himself, “If a real dragon like me visited him, he would be very happy.” One day the real dragon sneaked into his room. The man didn't know what to do! Whaaaah!  He could not run away. He could not even stand up. Whaaaah!

For a long, long time we have been like him. That should not be our attitude. We should not be just a fan of dragons; we should always be the dragon himself. Then we will not be afraid of any dragon.

All the fascination with and worshipping of the Buddhas is ultimately pointless if it does not in the least inspires us to become Buddhas. Mindfulness of the Buddha is to bring us closer to the Buddhas, not to merely keep them at a “respectful” distance. What will you do when your favourite Buddha suddenly visits you?


  1. hmm... the dragon lineage is the Drukpa Kagyu lineage... Blue feels like wisdom and Chakrasamvara...

    I'm just dropping my first impressions here....i dun know anything!

    Nice dream, thanks for sharing..

  2. Hi, thank you for the comment. I just reading up on Drukpa Kagyu lineage and the 1st Gyalwang Drukpa. There is mention of 9 dragons! Hmm...


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