Wednesday, 16 June 2010

He came, he taught, he will be blessing the masses

Tonight was the final night of a series of in-house teachings given by Dagyab Rinpoche, before the public Dharma event starts on Thursday to Saturday. Towards the end, when humble Rinpoche was giving his thanks to us for coming and for showing interest in learning the Dharma, something in me was just very touched and I was brimming with tears (and I'm not a person who cries easily). A few others also felt the same. And especially, when Ani-la Brigit started to chant Rinpoche's name mantra, it was just too touching. To me, it is a true sign of a great teacher. I am truly thankful for so many opportunities to meet so many qualified gurus who came to give me teachings, to benefit me and to help me gain realisations.

Starting this Thursday, it is indeed a great privilege to have Dagyab Rinpoche, together with an entourage of 18 Lamas from Gaden Shartse Monastery, to bestow initiations and to conduct pujas for the public.

Rinpoche is most compassionate to be conferring the great empowerment of the Thousand-Arms Chenrezig (Kuan Yin) practice to all of us, as well as Namtose and Red Tara. The blessings of these initiations are immeasurable, and very precious and helpful to our spiritual practice. Receiving an initiation purifies all the actions of our body, speech and mind, and removes our moral and mental defilements. It is like planting a seed, whereby later with the right conditions, the seed will ripen, sprout and grow into Buddhahood.

From previous positive feedback from the participants, the large scale pujas in the past have proven to be very helpful in transforming their problems and obstacles.  For a clear explanation of the benefits of each of the pujas and initiations, please click here.

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