Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Orchard Road - Venice of the East?

Thanks to netizens on Facebook, Twitter and online forums, we get first hand news of the freak flood in Orchard Road this morning due the heavy rain. Orchard Road, the most unlikeliest of all places to get a flood. The rain water was almost knee-high. Some malls like Lucky Plaza was flooded inside as well. Has Orchard Road become the Venice of the  East?

We recalled an earlier (also) 'unlikely' Nov 2009 flood in Bukit Timah where damages on cars and buildings were reported. Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Yaacob Ibrahim said then, “What happened was very unusual… the intensity was tremendous". He said the “freak” event happened “once in 50 years. If we design for the largest rainfall or highest tide, then we are going to have huge canals in Singapore.” 

Mr Yaacob, are we getting some gigantic canals now?  

Below are some photos and hilarious comments (highlighted in blue) I got from Sinkapore netizens...

"Emergency rubber rafts in Orchard area will probably need an ERP unit installed."

"Two once-in-50-years floods within 6 months. 
I guess we'll be safe for the next 99 years."

"How quaint. Whether you're driving a million-dollar luxury car 
or a run-down dump, you still can't get to wherever you want. 
But there's always the Duck Tours."

"Orchard is going to be the new water catchment area?"

Do you know that office of The Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) is located at Scotts Road in Orchard?
"Seems to me they are now the Ministry of Environment and Watery Resources. 
 Its slogan - 'A clean environment. Water for all'."

"Lucky Plaza? You mean UNLUCKY PLAZA."

"They told us Marina Barrage will take care of such problems?"

"Poor Wendy's was submerged even before it's opened. 
 Score at half time: God 1, PAP 0."

"Dang, my fav sex shop in Lucky Plaza gone! 
Please dun be alarmed if you see dildos floating around..."

"Lesson learnt: Don't call Mother Nature a 'freak'!!"

"Are Hermes bags flood proof? Maybe there'll be lelong outside later."

"Starbucks has become Starflood!
Hope the waters' decaf."

"Google had predicted this!
Look at the picture at Google's search page!"

"What Great Singapore Sale? It's Great Singapore Sail!"

"They're definitely having a whale of a time down in orchard. #FailWhale?"

"Just nice today Mid Autumn Festival.... 
think they can do Dragon Boat Race at Orchard Road..... 
since it is a million year thing....."

Please do check NEA website at for weather forecasts before you leave the house these few days.... and don't forget your bikini if you're heading towards Orchard Road. 


  1. Haha!
    Nice post!!

    Next time go Orchard area, must wear the Phua Chu Kang yellow boots.. haha!

  2. the dragon boat race at orchard road is damn funny.

    hope the drains are cleared now


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