Friday, 11 June 2010

How I look like when I'm old.....

We all know iPhone has tons of Apps we can play with. Some are darn useful, and some are just plain silly. I found one App, which is 'Age Me' which is just plain silly but fun. Fun for when I'm outside waiting for transport, or in the public toilet or eating or when I can't sleep.

Well, this is what the App is supposed to do - to make you look old.  With all the different features and parts of the face you can mix and match, cut and paste, enlarge and reduce. Quite straight forward.  So I set up myself to see how I look like when I'm old. 

Hilarious!!! Scary!!! I would like to assure you, I don't look anything like all the above at all!! It's weird that how by just changing one part of our facial features, one can transform and look totally different. All the nose and mouth and wrinkles are  NOT mine!  The specs are for dramatic effect. I hope I don't look like that when I'm old.

This is my nephew! Eewwww..... thankfully, I won't live to see my nephew grow that old. LOL!

TGIF, everyone! ;D

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