Saturday, 12 June 2010

To be or not to be...

Lo and behold, I was at Toby's The Dessert Asylum in Parkway Parade again.  Not surprising because I hang out in Parkway often enough. Toby's reminds me of NYDC.

This time I was with niece and nephew.  Niece just won something from the Singapore Youth Festival. She got a Silver trophy for her Chinese Dance.  Really happy for her after months of practice. This is her reward.

I heart restaurants and cafes who are child friendly, in the sense they have something to entertain / keep the kids occupied while the adults eat. Although my niece and nephew are a tad too old for this, but nonetheless, I'm grateful for saving graces, when you want some peace and quiet (just shove them the crayons and colouring paper). 

Although it was just a little distraction, and nephew did not finished colouring.... at least he was kept busy for like ...... 5 minutes? 

This was the Fish & Chips. A generous slab of fish with just chips and sauce, no fuss. It was not too salty, the crisp of the batter on the outside was done just right and fish inside melted in the mouth.  A hearty meal.   

The kids like Baked Rice / Pasta, so they ordered the Ham & Chicken With Mushroom Baked Rice. One thing about Baked Rice, the dish including the plate is piping hot, so I always get scorched. Had to split the portion separately into 2 another plates between the kids. 

This is the part we usually look forward to - dessert.  This was Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream. Rich and sinful. It was quickly polished off by the kids. Our love for sweet desserts is insatiable, runs in the family... haha!

Another sinful dessert to indulge in, the To-by Or Not To-By Mudpie With Rum & Raisins Ice Cream and Oreos. That satisfied my craving for Chocolatey stuff for the next few days. :)

The afternoon was not complete if I did not have my Latte. One needs a hot drink to wash away all the creamy rich desserts, no? 

Toby's is a nice place to hang out if you want to have a quiet conversation, over a cuppa and desserts. I like it that they are not as noisy and crowded as Starbucks or Coffee Bean. They serve pizzas, sandwiches and pastas as well. A happy place to me..... at least as far as the wall is concerned.

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