Friday, 6 August 2010

Pasta Stylo - pasta with passion

About a month ago, I received my birthday treat from a friend. We were in City Square Shopping Mall and were deciding what to eat. We chanced upon this cafe which, at first sight, I thought was a boutique from afar.

It was aptly named Pasta Stylo. I was immediately taken by its OTT stylish decor. And I have a thing for DARK restaurants. Dimly lit makan places often enhance the ambience. It is more romantic and makes one more relaxed, I think. The colour theme was black and red tones. Bright red chairs, black tables, chandeliers, and mannequins! It is definitely casual dining at its best. A great place to chill.

We were early and there was no customer yet. We had the whole place to ourselves. I made sure I took photos of the different corners of the delectably furnished restaurant. Here was the chef in the kitchen, separated from a window which was designed like a picture frame from the outside.

Pasta Stylo, headed by a team of young creative people, serves delicious Italian pasta with a Singaporean-Asian twist, in addition to its concoction of a number of  fusion recipes. Local delights, gourmet burgers and funky desserts with interesting names are both seductive and tempting to the taste buds. It made me wish to try all the dishes.

This was my favourite spot in the restaurant. Look at the chandelier, elaborate curtains, lightings.... and playing bossa nova and jazzy music sets the mood for love and passion. This is what I meant by ambience, my love!

This is the first time I visited a restaurant with black walls as the setting. Not my favourite colour but it sure was a different touch to an otherwise boring run-of-the-mill restaurant. I like the way they played with the spotlights and lightings.

The menu, the table setting, the little touches, say it all. I was too busy observing these intricate details and of course the menu.

Bold, fashionable, it looked more like a fashion magazine...

Deliciously presented...

This was the mushroom soup which was wholesome and thick, buttery, made with mushroom and roasted garlic. I dislike mushroom soup which is watery, but this one was good.

This is the Fowl of Arabia. It is tender grilled chicken, marinated with saffron, olives and rose water, resting on a bed of pasta and vegetable salad. The marinated flavour was a tinge of Indian spice and what-nots.... My friend had the Singaporean Chilli Crab Spaghetti. The photo was blur hence not posted here. See below instead.

Dessert was a mouthful... I mean, it's Pasta Di Ciacolatto Con Fritella Di Banana. It is basically Chocolate Rossini (rice pasta) and banana fritter with vanilla ice cream. This is the first time I tasted Rossini (the 2 black balls). It looked dry but I must say the taste grows on you, and you must savour it slowly, mixing each mouthful with the ice cream. Very fragrant, not-too-sweet dessert. You probably need to share this, as the Rossini may fill you up fast.

Coupled with a cuppa Cafe Latte..... it completed a filling and interesting meal.

These are taken from Pasta Stylo's website, other pasta and dishes you could try.  Quite a huge selection. From clockwise, Penne con salsa di fruitti mare luce, Salmon Sashimi Roll with Avocado, Singaporean Chilli Crab Spaghetti, and Pasta Milano.

Tokyo Sake Salmon Linguini, Sambal Belachan Chicken Penne, Spicy Lala Linguini, English fish & chips.The prices were pretty reasonable, each meal is generally less than $10. Set meals are available too. Value for money!

Pasta Stylo is at:
180 Kitchener Road
City Square Mall #02-35/36


  1. Interesting restaurant, looks like a botique to me too! Lol thanks for sharing!

  2. it was really too odd for my liking. stumbled upon it when i went to CitySquare Mall one evening with my bf @furryphotos .. he had the chilli crab pasta, which was... odd.

    i had the chicken satay pasta. err. hahah.

    the best dish was probably the fried calamari, which actually was not too bad. it was matched with a banana-curry sauce (banana mashed and cooked with curry leaves which gave it a fragrant spicy smell).


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