Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Eng Kee Chicken Rice from Eunos

I'm not exactly a fervent fan of Hainanese Chicken Rice, but from time to time, I do appreciate a quality authentic serving of chicken rice, its tender chicken, and yes, the garlic chilli sauce. I do tend to stick to one or two chicken rice stalls which are just "different" from others. The rest just taste the same to me everywhere.

Upon recommendation by juzmarc about a chicken rice stall in Eunos which he has been patronising for more than 10 years, I ventured into the old idyllic neighbourhood next to Eunos MRT station. With the blocks of flats painted in bright orange and white, it reminded me of my old house in a neighbourhood nearby in Aljunied. I found Eng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice in Hong Lee Eating House, a coffeeshop next to the hawker centre and wet market.

I ordered a plate of roasted chicken rice, with additional order of liver and braised egg. I love braised eggs or herbal eggs. The whole plate with roasted chicken, liver and one braised egg, cucumber, soup and chilli sauce costs about $4. The chicken rice was fragrant, fluffy and moist with the right mix of soya sauce and sesame oil. The boneless chicken was tender and also moist.

Whenever I eat chicken rice, I do like to add a helping of chicken liver. I think the only reason why I bothered to visit this stall was because juzmarc highlighted about the liver. So, I'm 'sold'. The taste of powdery yet firm liver is utterly shiok with a dash of the lime-infused and garlic chilli sauce.

I so loved the chilli sauce I poured it all over the whole plate of chicken rice. It was one of the most satisfying meal I had from a hawker stall in recent times.

If you're nearby, I do recommend you to try this stall, and also the Lor Mee from the market, as well as Sin Thor Bak Kut Teh in the coffeeshop behind Eunos MRT Station.

Eng Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice & Porridge
Blk 7 Eunos Crescent #01-2651 
Tel: 6743 5520
Opening Hours: 8am to 10pm, daily

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  1. this is my favourite.. but sometimes sould out at 8pm.. n staff there not very friendly.. still i love de chicken rice alot.. never got sick of it


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