Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Thy glorious hearty broth - Your 101-guide to food for the sick

Since I have been sick for the past few days, there are plenty of food that I am not able to eat, and definitely not fried or oily stuff.  And not surprisingly, whenever I am sick, I do crave for something heartily soupy.

A wholesome big bowl of hot creamy Mushroom Soup with a piece of bread from Soup Spoon, is enough to fill me up. I usually prefer Mushroom Soup or Pumpkin Soup.

I know this Malay dish - Lontong - may not be exactly for the sick, but I simply love the coconut flavoured gravy that comes with a plate of squarish rice cakes and cabbage, long beans, fried tau kwa and begedil (potato). I always finish every single drop of the gravy. And to complete the meal with a cup of foamy Teh Tarik, I will be extremely satisfied.

This is relatively popular Chinese dish of Spinach With 3 Types of Eggs. It is a watery dish of spinach stir-fried with egg, century egg and salted egg. When I am sick, I do not mind this dish. The 3 different types of eggs enhanced the spinach and strangely goes well by itself or with steamed rice.

Again this may not be exactly recommended for the sick, but I take huge comfort in this - Mashed Potato.  If served piping hot, it soothes the nerves even if temporarily.  I like the special Mashed Potato from Popeyes which is served with its spicy Cajun gravy.

Nothing beats my mom's home-cooked soup - Watercress Soup - which is boiled for 3-4 hours with herbs.  I particularly like the leafy watercress which has been thoroughly cooked till 3/4 soggy.

This is a favourite vegetarian dish of mine from Eight Treasures in Guillemard Village - Tofu with Spinach, Chinese Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom and Olive Veg. The slightly starchy dish is splendidly concocted, the taste enhanced by the clever use of  preserved olive vegetables.  It goes well with steamed rice.

Picture taken from www.babeinthecitykl.blogspot.com
Actually, if I am so sick that I cannot even leave the house to look for food, the most comforting 'sick' food to me is still Plain Porridge broth, with a big dollop of preserved olive veg or preserved cai sim, or fermented beancurd (fu ru) to go with the porridge will be good enough for me. A heartwarming appetising simple meal.

Thus, the above is my guide to food for the sick (Disclaimer: may not necessarily work for you).  What do you eat when you are sick?  

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