Sunday, 23 January 2011

Khen Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup's message to all students

As at 23 Jan 2011, Khen Rinpoche Lama Lhubdrup addresses students around the world about his condition. Checks by HH Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche and many rinpoches have turned out for Khen Rinpoche to receive Tibetan Medication. He will be returning to Kopan Monastery from Singapore soon. All our prayers go out to our dearest guru for his quickest recovery.

Since news broke of Khen Rinpoche's sickness, many students and disciples all over the world have been searching for news updates of Rinpoche. I know because many landed in this blog, since I have posted his news earlier. I am still sad but happy and touched at the same time to see Khen Rinpoche and his message. Through his sickness, we continue to receive teachings of the Dharma. Through his own example of practicing Tonglen even though he is suffering from cancer, we realize the kindness of a highly realized guru. May Khen Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup have a speedy recovery, in order to continue to benefit many sentient beings through his teachings and practice.

Tonglen in Tibetan means "giving and taking". In Tonglen practice, through our compassion, we take on (embrace without resistance) the various sufferings of all beings: their fear, hurt, frustration, pain, anger, guilt, bitterness, loneliness, doubt, rage, and so forth. In return, we give them our loving-kindness, happiness, peace of mind, well-being, healing, and fulfillment.  Practicing Tonglen on someone in pain helps us begin the process of gradually widening the circle of our compassion. From there, we can learn to take on the suffering and purify the karma of all beings; giving others our happiness, well-being, joy, and peace of mind. Tonglen practice can extend indefinitely, and gradually, over time, our compassion will expand. We will find that we have a greater ability to be loving and present for ourselves and for others in even the most difficult situations. This is the wonderful goal of Tonglen practice, the path of the compassionate Bodhisattva.

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