Friday, 11 February 2011

The day someone scolded me 'No brain'

I had been attending Lama Zopa Rinpoche's teachings for the past few nights, and he had been finishing between 12-1am and one night he ended at 3am. So mostly I had to take a cab home.

Just last night, I boarded a cab. The plump driver uncle was not the chatty type and just drove quietly. Thank goodness for that as I was too tired/stoned from the teachings that I did not wished to engage in any small talk with anyone. Morever I did not want to chit chat with cab drivers at that time of the night. I just wanted to get home fast. Fortunately my house was nearby, and it took just 5-10 minutes from ABC to my house by cab.

It was at the traffic junction before reaching my house when I instructed the cab driver to keep to the left lane as he would need to turn left shortly after. The uncle paused, grunted, and commented that I should not have told him so fast as he would have thought I wanted to turn left AT the traffic light junction. And he added, "No brain."

I was thinking to myself, "You calling me no brain?! Obviously, at the traffic light junction, it was either go straight or turn right. There's NO left turn!".

Nonetheless, I tried not to get angry and jokingly said "I meant further down then turn left lah... as I see you're keeping to the right lane ma...." *pause*... Trying to keep my cool, trying to be light hearted, I asked, "Uncle, you mean some passengers did that to you before?", giving him no chance to grumble.

He said "Yes, people always don't tell you directions properly... follow their instruction I can't find...I blur. But follow my own thinking, I can find." Then he immediately changed his grouchy tone. During the last few seconds before I got down the cab, he was happily asking me about my house, how much I bought it for and how much it cost now, and that I would sure make a huge profit etc etc.... He even wished me a "happy new year" and kept saying "thank you, thank you, thank you" as I paid the fare.

I was a little surprised at his sudden change of tone, just as I was equally surprised I was not offended by his "no brain" comment, as I had expected I would. I was just relieved I managed to curb my anger by not flaring out. Maybe the teachings earlier had helped. Or I was just too tired to argue.

It was a beautiful night.


  1. I totally agree. We should avoid reacting to a situation immediately because once we've reacted nicely to a grouchy person they usually become nicer also.

  2. Agreed with Jeff, mb he is also very tired at that moment. sometime we have to be in each other position to understand and see the whole pic :)

  3. Yes I agree with both of you! Always need to be mindful to put ourselves in other's shoes


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