Thursday, 10 February 2011

It's a dead cockroach!

I discovered something weird. On and off, I find a random small cockroach dead in my bedroom.  The weird thing is...
- my house is not infested with cockroaches
- I do not spray any insecticide before that
- I do not use any aromatherapy oils
- my bedroom is not dirty (in fact it's quite clean and neat)
- my bedroom is not too stuffy or too cold
- there are no food crumbs in my bedroom
- I never see any cockroaches running around before

So where did the cockroach come from? The few times I discovered a dead cockroach in my room, it was lying on the floor under a table where I had placed a small framed picture of the 4-Armed Avalokiteshvara (Kuan Yin) which has been blessed and consecrated.  I usually use a tissue paper to pick it up, chanted the Medicine Buddha mantra and Kuan Yin mantra a few times, blew on its body (blessing it) before disposing it. 

Although I did not harm or kill the cockroach, still, I did not wish to see it dead! And why in my bedroom?!  It is really very strange to me and I am still wondering about this.  Nonetheless, by blessing mantras over its dead body, I was trying to create the conditions for this cockroach who is dead to have a good rebirth as a human in its next life. I prefer to think that it died early so that it can have a faster and better, perfect human rebirth as soon as possible.

If you see any dying/dead animal or insect, do try to chant many of these mantras for them:

Kuan Yin mantra: 
Om mani padme hum

Medicine Buddha mantra: 
Tayatha om bekanzay bekanzay, maha bekanzay bekanzay, randza samudgate soha! 

Or you can read my earlier post, detailed advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche on how to benefit your pet or any animal or insect who may be dying.


  1. Hi,

    To help a person RECOVER from illness such as cancer, we can use the same mantra? :)


  2. Yes but it may be useful to consult a lama which mantras are more appropriate for the individual as each person's karma is different. Also one needs to have full faith in order the mantras can help too.


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