Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The girl and her sugar daddy

I was at a bus stop in Orchard recently. Just before I reached the bus stop, something caught my attention.

There was a young PRC lady, presumably in her early 20s. She was throwing a tantrum and stamping her feet, scolding an old man loudly.  The old man was quiet and allowed her to rant at him for quite a few minutes, while at the same time fiddling with his mobile phone or staring down at the floor.  After a few minutes, the PRC girl threw her handbag into a big paper bag, folded her arms and faced the wall, fuming.  The old man continued to fiddle with his mobile phone, not uttering a word.  In a few seconds, the girl was on the phone, talking angrily to someone, as if complaining.  

Witnessing this scene, I could not help but wondered what was happening. I, together with those other passer-bys, would have made many assumptions in our minds.  I wondered what this PRC girl was doing with a man old enough to be her grandfather. Well, he could not possibly be and did not looked like her grandfather. The quarrel seemed more like a couple's tiff. And in public too. At that moment, I guessed it was yet another common scene we see often in Geylang, the old men with their sweet young girlfriends/mistresses from China.  In this instance, I think the old man probably did not pay for the "services rendered". Hence, the commotion.  And I think the "girlfriend" would not let the matter rest until he settled the amount. In my mind, I thought, "Uncle, 要偷吃,也要有钱!" (ie. "you better have money if you want to fool around!").

May all these dirty old men who may be lonely, or looking for some excitement and thrill, or who have too much money to spare, be wise enough to realise their foolishness and to spare a thought for their family.  May all these young foreign "talents" also wise up, may they be able to find a decent job here, and not just relying on finding a sugar daddy.  

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  1. Maybe the dragon girl couldn't get her hands on his CPF... lol


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