Friday, 23 September 2011

Those little mystical orbs of blessings

I'm a little excited. Below are photos of my personal simple mini altar in my room where I do my daily prayers. I took the photos on separate occasions. Have you notice the mystical orbs? Although I snapped many photos in the same position on a few occasions, the little orb appear only once each time. Some are quite faint. It is believed that when there are sightings of mystical orbs near holy objects or holy places, there are some divine presence or auspicious and protective energies around. I have witnessed this many times in holy places. Now I'm so happy to have captured these in my own home. All the photos and objects on my altar have been blessed or consecrated and given to me by my gurus.

These are some of my humble yet precious holy objects on my little DIY altar which I respect and venerate with devotion. They may not be very big in size or expensive, however they aid me in my visualisation and prayers, and they are a source of inspiration to me. And they are imbued with great blessings from my gurus. 

Having said that, I may add that even if we possess the most beautiful and most expensive statues and thangkas of the Buddhas, or the most elaborate holy objects made with the most precious materials of the best quality, yet the most valuable and precious would still be keeping close to your heart, the teachings of the gurus and the Three Jewels, and putting the teachings into practice. This would invite even greater blessings from  the gurus and the Buddhas.

May you be inspired to start your Dharma practice today.

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