Monday, 7 May 2012


It's amazing how we can be controlled by our mind completely.  Today started off as a relatively happy day. It was cooling, it was more relaxed and I was able to spend some time with my parents.  Although I am nursing a terrible backache, the day started off pretty easy-going compared to the past few crazy days. However, the last few hours of today saw my mood dipped to a bottomless pit.  The incredible thing is, I do not know why. Maybe it was from what I read and saw online; Facebook, Twitter, real life..... I was edgy, I was sad, I was a little pissed over a couple of things. I realised the evil of the mouth, eavesdropping, people's misconception, misunderstanding, misinterpretation, sabotage and everything. The only phrase that came to my mind was..... 
I thought of my work, my personal life, my personal relationships, my family, my friends, my dealings, events that happened ... I wonder why I always needed to experience first-hand the downs (how 'lucky'). I shall not go into detail but my 'emo' state threw me back into perspective, into re-evaluating people whom I trusted. While I am usually positive, vibrant, motivated 95% of the time, I probably feel the other 5% today. I really dread the feeling of being in the dumps, being emotional, and had to do force myself to calm the flunctuating emotions. 

When I still could not explain my irritated feeling, I checked today's bazi elements. I knew it. No wonder I was frustrated. Looks like I got to buck up on my practice.  I'll be back.

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