Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed Beancurd) using the Happy Call Pan

In my family, we usually don't buy a lot of meat and fish. In fact, we have reduced our intake considerably compared to the past. My mom normally buys minced pork as it is very flexible and easy preparing dishes. She separates it into smaller bags so that we only cook a small portion at one time. 
One of the days, I had a few pieces of tau kwa (beancurd) in the fridge, so I decided to experiment making Yong Tau Foo my own style. Essentially the dish originated in the early 1960s as tofu stuffed with a meat paste of fish and pork, thereby earning the dish its name "Yong Tau Foo," which means "stuffed bean curd."

I cut the tau kwa into smaller rectangular cubes. Then I marinated minced pork with sesame oil, light soya sauce, oyster sauce, corn flour, and chopped onions. You can keep the marinated pork for 1-2 hours or overnight.  

Afterwards, I roll the minced pork into small balls and top them on each piece of tau kwa, using egg yoke to stick them together. 

Next we are ready to fry them lightly in the Happy Call Pan. I love the HPC because it uses very minimal oil for frying, as compared to using the usual wok and plenty of oil. After heating up the HPC, I lay all pieces of the Yong Tau Foo inside, and with the lid open, cook them on one side, using low fire.

After about 10 minutes or so, I apply some oyster sauce on top of each Yong Tau Foo so that I have some colour and they look more appetising. When ready, garnish with spring onions and served with plain/brown rice. 

This is my first attempt making my own healthy Yong Tau Foo and although it can be improved, I am satisfied with the results.


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