Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Focus on the good

The other day I woke up bursting with joy. Something indescribable which is filled with happiness. How often we get to feel this way? 

Always we allow our surroundings and people to affect us, to influence our moods and thoughts for the day. We allow something foreign to lead us by the nose. And if things do not go smoothly according to our standards and expectations, we burst out of our comfort zone and become upset. 

If we allow ourselves to be alone in our thoughts, reflect on our behaviour and if we can put ourselves in others' shoes, perhaps we would not be so fast to jump at merely a slightest irritation. Because years down our path (or maybe a few days after), we will realise how foolish we have been. 

When we realise how fortunate we have been just being with the people we love, the things we love doing and the deep affinity with this life, how long then can we be upset and bitter?

Focus on the good, always.

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