Saturday, 20 May 2006


There are such many ironies in life. I always wonder why are there so many people who are so lucky. Some friends are flying high in their career with fat paychecks. Some others have hit the big time, strike it rich enjoying life and soaked in luxuries, which I don't see myself in anywhere in the near future. Makes people like me wonder, when is my big break?

A master once asked me, why am I worried? He said I have a luxurious life, what the Chinese termed as 贵命 "gui ming" (ie. a smooth and well-endowed life). He said he does not see anything drastic or unfortunate happening to me in my life. Another 90-year-old master which my boss employs to see the office fengshui, also mentioned these same words 贵命 to me. Another master said perhaps I am going through a bad patch which will turn better very soon. Then for the next 20 years, I would be doing very well.

My sis told me, come on, there are many people much worse off than me. Yes, I agree. I may not have the looks of a beauty queen, nor do I have the figure of a super-model, but I am not that ugly. Even if I were, cliche as it may sound, ugliness is only skin-deep. I may not have a bright career, nor do people see me as a bright person, but I do have an MBA. I may look and appear blur or stupid to some people who mock/laugh at others, but that is because I am trying to be sensitive not to hurt these very people who mock/laugh at others. I may not catch the eyes of many an ideal man, but I will have the eyes of only one man next time, my future husband. I may not have children yet, but there are many lonely "orphans" out there whom I can shower my love on. I may not have rich and famous parents, but they taught me what money can't buy - humility.

Whilst I dwell in the comfort of all the above words and thoughts, I can't help but still look forward to having a really 贵命. But for now, I guess I should count my blessings that I have a precious 命 ("life").

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