Thursday, 24 June 2010

Fatty Weng's Hor Fun

Sometimes I ta-pau (takeaway) these.

One of the more famous Hor Fun around, from Fatty Weng. This is a packet of fried Hor Fun (they use thin kway teow) wrapped with Opeh Leaf. Very old school. You need to spread some newspapers or serviettes underneath before you open because it is very wet with lots of the gravy.

Opened, these were the Hor Fun and Bee Hoon, both using the same ingredients but so different taste altogether. With the opeh leaf, it somehow enhances the flavour and taste of both Hor Fun and Bee Hoon which was stir fried wet and inviting and very dark in colour.

A closer look at the Hor Fun. The ingredients they used are slightly different from the usual seafood items. Besides prawns and fish cake and veg (cai sim), they also use pork slices, pork liver and skin. I like it with lots of green chilli.

If you want the flavour of the Opeh leaf to be really absorbed into the Hor Fun, leave the packet unopened for a little while longer.

I like their Fried Bee Hoon which is also very delectably shiok.

Here are the men in the kitchen, they have 2-3 main chefs, and the other are assistants, preparing and apportioning the ingredients for each packet of food. There are at any one time, 7-8 people in this kitchen.
This photo of Fatty Weng shop front is taken from lovesingaporefood.  Although the Hor Fun does not come cheap ($5 to $7 per packet) compared to the usual $3, it has its unique taste and wok hei. I have eaten in this place a few times, but mostly I takeaway Hor Fun or Bee Hoon just because only the takeaway food is wrapped in the Opeh leaf. Do give them a try if you're nearby.

Fatty Weng Restaurant
94, Guillemard Road
Singapore 399717. 

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