Saturday, 1 September 2007

Granny's fried carrot rice

I've been longing to blog about this dish. This is one of my granny's dish which everyone loves to eat. It is a dish so simple and unique that it is not selling anywhere outside. We called it "cai tao perng" (vaguely translated to "fried carrot rice" in Teochew). Today Mom cooked this.

The ingredients are rather simple too - long beans, carrots, mushrooms, pork, fried "chai por" (fried chopped radish). All these are chopped into small cubes separately, while the chai por comes ready in a packet. The chai por cannot be too sweet as I understand some are sweeter than the rest. Then all the long beans, carrots, mushrooms, pork and chai por are stir fried separately at first, of course with chopped garlic. When they are about 3/4 cooked, we can start frying the rice, and half way through, all the ingredients are added in and mixed and frying continues with all the colourful stuff in the wok, adding pepper and a little soya sauce.

The end result is very fragrant fried rice. It tastes different from normal fried rice because of the chai por which made each mouthful crunchy, alongside with the carrots and long beans. The tiny pieces of meat are to make the dish sweeter. It is a very unique fried rice which I hope my family will pass down future generations.

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