Sunday, 25 November 2007

That doggy

Paid the Expo an impromptu visit on Friday evening for a cosmetics sale with Miss Piggy as well as to see one interior designer who is having an exhibition there. After we were done about 10pm, as we were walking around the few restaurants looking for food, Miss Piggy noticed a dog who was sniffing and looking for food among the rubbish bins behind each restaurant. Doggy's movement was slow as one of his legs was injured, and he was limping. Miss Piggy, ever so compassionately, said he must be hungry, then promptly said she wanted to buy food for him. Many of the restaurants were already closing or closed. She ran towards 7 Eleven to get some food, while I was to watch and follow Doggy in case he walked off. I followed closely behind him and whistled to him, each time he would turn around and looked at me. Then I went into an Indian restaurant and asked a waiter if he could spare some leftover rice for the dog. He was kind enough to oblige and went into the kitchen and came out with a plate of plain rice. By then Miss Piggy came back with a pack of honeyed chicken meat. She mixed the chicken with the rice and offered it to Doggy, who promptly ate up everything. Miss Piggy patted him. He was quite tame and has a pair of such kind eyes. We both quite liked him. It's a pity we forgot to take photos of him. I learnt an exemplary and valuable lesson from Miss Piggy today. Our hearts should reach out to those in need, even animals and especially animals, because they are not as fortunate as us humans.

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