Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Wind + Water

My father striked $500 on Sunday. Thus we see the power of fengshui when it was done properly. And my water feature is not even installed yet! Marvelous! I did not striked because this coming 6 months are water period, hence not that fantastic for me whose bazi has a lot of water. My father needs the "water" and hence that's why he striked. It's not a big amount of money but at least it made him, a retiree, happy. And I have a happy home which is quiet and has a calming effect, with the right amount of wind.

Come to think of it, I have many gui ren 贵人 (benefactors) in my life. Eventhough at times when my life has not been smooth, I will meet many benefactors who gave me advise, lifted me up when I was in the doldrums, and helped me in many ways. They can be lamas, fengshui masters, or friends or family or clients or colleagues or even strangers, they are just angels in disguise (or living buddhas that manifested in my life). Many of these kind souls appear at my lowest time and made a difference.

That is why I have decided to be brave and to be very motivated in my new found job, my new found passion. The past "downtime" is over, or rather, I ended it. I ended whatever unhappiness and bad luck I was stuck with. I made sure it ended 3 months ago when I started a new job. I had lunch with my ex boss today and had a good time sharing my new job experience and the business and the market trends. Who knows, maybe I will have a chance to work with my ex-boss again next time in whatever venture that comes along. Thanks, LSP, for the past guidance and support. My ex-colleague commented I looked very motivated. Yeah, I have to be, in order to make sure what I wanted to achieve materialise. I love my new-found confidence.

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