Sunday, 24 May 2009

If you don't mind... it's your mind

Spent a wonderful afternoon attending the Vesak Vesak Vesak Concert organised by the Buddhist Fellowship. Although I am not a member yet, understood from Angie Monksfield, the President of Buddhist Fellowship about the concert, so I reserved tickets from her. Admission was free, open to donations. It was held at Jubilee Hall in Raffles Hotel.

The Soracco choir from the Buddhist Fellowship serenaded us with many upbeat and touching songs and impressed through their vocals. The few lead singers such as Marcelly Suhali, SueAnn Chia and Vivy Suhendra put up a wonderful performance. These kind souls were mostly volunteers involved in BF who gave their precious time for this event. The objective of BF is to strive to propagate the Dharma in new and creative ways whilst promoting fellowship among Buddhists, through contemporary language and form.
The guest performer was one of Singapore’s most respected and sought-after vocalists, Robert Fernando. His voice was full of emotional depth, a great crooner and a live wire, and he kindly did this pro bono, no fees charged.

A spectacular performance that commanded a standing ovation and loud cheers. A very "high" experience. Made me realise the Dharma is not just about serious teachings and meditation. The Dharma can come in different forms hence connecting with different individuals through the medium they can understand and get in touch with. Buddhism is about looking at and thinking about our own lives, and not through blind faith. It shows us how to understand ourselves and how to cope with our daily problems. "Peace come from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha

Headed to Chin Chin Eating House at Purvis St after the concert, for early dinner. This was one famous traditional shop selling Hainanese chicken rice and pork chops and other dishes. I have been here a few times. My other favourite traditional Hainanese chicken rice shop is in Thomson Road.

We ordered the usual prominent dishes, their white chicken, and pork chops (which was fried and combined with green peas, potatos and ketchupy gravy). Also added my favourite - a huge plate of kang kong veggies. Hainanese Chicken Rice must go with their delectable chilli, which was piping spicy with ginger and dark soya sauce.

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