Monday, 11 May 2009

Relaxing day

This morning we brought Grandma for her last jab of a series of 3 cartilage injections for the past 3 weeks. She was so proud and happy to be painless in her knee joints at last. The doctor even gave her a Vitamins jab on the buttocks FOC. Now she can actively go anywhere she likes because my Grandma cannot sit still doing nothing. Hopefully the injected cartilage will last her for at least 3 years before the need for more jabs.

It was raining very heavily after the doc's. We drove to Centrepoint in Orchard and decided to have lunch at Soup Restaurant. Since there were 4 of us, we decided to go for the set menu for 3, because we could not finish the portion for 4 and also there was a $1 promotion for some dishes if you add on. The usual culprits for additional price we usually pay go to the appetisers like braised peanuts, the wet towels, the chrysanthemum tea and plain rice which came out to almost $20 in addition to the $63.80 set menu.

These were the dishes in the set menu. Samsui Ginger Chicken was Soup Restaurant's signature dish. It was juicy white chicken served with cucumber and generous portion of very nicely grated ginger mix. You could wrap the pieces of chicken with cabbage leaf too and more crunchy. There was also Beggar Rib which was stir fried with sweet BBQ sauce. However this was so-so, not fragrant and the worst dish among the rest. The Spicy Bak Chor Chay Po Tofu was quite nice. It was soft tofu with a light crispy crust sprinkled with chay po and little minced pork. It was hot and spicy and appetising. The Steamed Fish Slices was the $1 dish which we added. It was fresh sweet and rightly done with the bean sauce. We asked the Sambal Kang Kong to be just plain stir-fried instead of with sambal. The soup was Waisen & Ginseng Roots with Chicken Soup. It was supposedly nice (they are after all a SOUP restaurant) but I personally don't like ginseng in chicken soup as it tasted bitter to me, but the rest of them loved it.
After lunch, we did a little shopping at Robinsons. When we were at the lingerie department, we discovered a nice fitting room. With the modern look of black and cream colour theme, the room was adorned with thick carpet, flowery designs on mirror and cabinet with matching black photo frames, candles antique clock, lamp shade, and glasses, as well as a lush fur armchair. Many individual mirrors with dark purple ribbons were hanged on the wall as part of the decor. It made you want to stay and try on many underwear, bras, panties, thongs, sleepwear and everything in that department just so you can laze and relax in the room.

Grandma was the biggest buyer from this department today. :P

P.S. Oh, and I just found out I won a little money from ibet on Vesak Day!

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