Saturday, 16 May 2009

What's your occupation?

Every Christmas, we usually have a celebration cum gathering. In those days, we were very "on", and each year, we would have different party themes, just for the fun of it. One year, we decided on the "Occupation" theme. Each person was to come dressed as an occupation. That should be easy enough. There was a dancer who thought he was Michael Jackson. There was an aspiring florist, came draped in an apron and flowers in tow.
There was a very serious stuntman whom I thought was participating in a National Day Parade rehearsal. There was a waiter who came in a bow tie and huge plate. There was the SIA stewardess in flattering kebaya but with no makeup.
There was a car mechanic in grey suit and cap with car in tow. There was a doctor who walked unsteadily, he was a gynaecologist to be exact (with bow tie).

There was a chief chef and his assistant in matching pretty red checked aprons. There was a man from the Navy (not sure how many stripes he had) and his partner was a very stern policewoman.
This was the runner up, a sexy American waitress! She came complete in a flaming red skirt and checked apron, red shoes, and even a mole on the face, complete with a slang flirty voice!

And the winner was .......

....the "summons" parking attendant aunty! She is a typical sight in Singapore car parks and a much dreaded figure (by drivers). She wears a long sleeved shirt, with fisherman cap and umbrella (because they are always out in the sun), with a messenger bag and summon slips/machine in tow. And this was our convincing winner, won by an extra vote or two! Well, the adults put the kids to shame.

She's my mom, by the way. And guess who her "costume" designer was. :P

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