Monday, 8 June 2009

Eat we must!

The other day, undeterred by the takeaway dried prawn noodles at home, a few days later we set out to the Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee stall in Jalan Ayer (off Geylang Lor 1) to have the soup version. We ordered the combination of prawns and pork ribs noodles in soup, as well as ordered the thirst quenching lime juice as dining at that place was oven hot.
There were only just 2 stalls at the place, one the prawn noodle stall, the other is the Wu Xiang stall, a kind of Chinese salad (or rojak?) compromising of an assortment of items you could choose from. Well, I think any patron who came and ordered the prawn noodles would have also ordered the Wu Xiang as a side dish to go along. I think they complement each other.

This is my usual selection of items for my Wu Xiang; fried bean curd (tau kwa), century eggs with ginger, cuttlefish, a special kind of sausage in red, fishball, and the fried prawn fritter. Those that I zoomed in were the items I like - red sausage, fried fritters and century egg. Darn, I forgot to snap the 2 types of sauces - chilli sauce and the non-spicy sweet pinkish sauce (which I normally don't touch). I think this is the first time I mentioned Wu Xiang in my blog after so many years.

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