Monday, 8 June 2009

$3.3 million x 100 million = ?

Last night's Community Chest charity show raked in S$3.3 million, way passed their original target. It goes to show that in these bad times, Singaporeans are still kind and charitable in wanting to help the more unfortunate ones.

Due to the past furore over the not-so-peanuts-NKF and the "pugilistic" monk incidents, many people have been extra doubtful and careful where they donate their money. And this charity show was just a simple run-of-the-mill show which did not pulled any special stunts or high profile aggressive advertisements to pull in the crowds.

This year, local celebrities like Jeanette Aw, Ann Kok and Dai Yang Tian teamed up with the special kids and adults who benefit from the charity's arm of organisations, to perform and try their skills in singing, dancing, drawing etc.. Overseas celebrities pulled their weight in their appearance and singing, like Tang Lan Hua, Zhang Qing Fang, Show Luo Zhi Qiang etc.. Zhang Qing Fang's songs reminded me of past memories, like California Sun and Men's Talk. Tang Lan Hua, who is more of mom's era, showed she still looked real good for her age. My favourite host Quan Yi Fong saved the show by making up for her new partner's lacklustre 'wooden and slow' hosting, the newscaster turned temp host, what's his name?

Hearing Jeanette's voice over the phone she sounded so sweet. And nothing beats the satisfaction and bliss in knowing that everyone who had contributed to the $3.3 million definitely had gained themselves great merits yesterday, being a merit-multiplying auspicious day.

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  1. That is nice to know. I stop keeping track of charity shows... :(


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