Sunday, 19 July 2009

It's like .....

You know National Day is coming when flags start appearing everywhere. From the buildings, windows, carparks, fields, houses, schools, EVERYWHERE the red and white flags are.

I wonder why we only show our patriotism only during National Day period, and not everyday throughout the year, through various actions to be a good citizen, and not just by hanging a flag on National Day?

It's like when we send flowers and say "I Love You" only on Valentine's Day. Why don't we say "I Love You" everyday and do things to show our love rather than wait till that only one day to express it all ?

It's just like we know elections are coming when we see all the perks and upgrading (of flats) plans being announced. Why don't we see the 'hype' everyday throughout that 4 years?

It's like ... you "hold" going to the toilet till you have a very bad tummy ache. Ok, I digress. Anyway I always feel these actions are like this chinese saying 脱裤放屁,多此一举 (pulling down your pants to fart), meaning "it's an uncalled-for superfluous step".

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