Saturday, 18 July 2009

The pigeon story

The other day, as I was passing by Kallang in a car, I saw a huge flock of pigeons on the big field and 3 people standing there as well. I thought how come the pigeons were so tame, did not fly away. I think there were probably 100-200 of them. On closer look, they (the pigeons) were eating! I saw 2 big plastic bags and the 2 men and 1 lady were feeding them. I was wondering was it right for them to do so. On one hand I was glad the birds would not be starved but on the other hand, if the people constantly feed them, the number of birds will grow bigger and bigger. I have seen flocks and flocks of pigeons in certain areas and they can prove a health hazard. They have also grown bolder as they raid unfinished food on the tables in hawker centres. Or when they shit on our clothes which are drying on the poles outside or on our cars in the open carparks.

What will be a more humane way of tackling this problem? I know in some countries, in order to curb the growing population of pigeons, they trap pigeons with corn or rice and then release them somewhere near the sea or bay, away from the city where people live. It is called "vector control". But Singapore is so small, we have nowhere appropriate to release them. How do we solve this problem without killing the pigeons?

Speaking of pigeons, we know they are a-plentiful in Australia. Look at some of my snapshots...
In Melbourne somewhere near Flinders Street. Who would want to sit on the seats afterwards, especially after the pigeons did their business?

Near a tram station in Adelaide. The pigeons were quite cute, oblivious to us humans.
Near a quay somewhere in Melbourne.... Why is it the pigeons there seemed cleaner? Was it because they are white???
This is one of my favourite shots..... a pigeon doing a landing....
Landed.... next is to do a pole dance. :D
Final shot.... of the pigeons relaxing by the sea in Great Ocean Road.
And in Istanbul, we PAY to feed the pigeons!!!!!


  1. If you wanna see pigeons, come to Venice :) I personally don't like them, their poo on my car can damage the pain O_o Sorry if I damage your affection for them :) Nice blog you have.

  2. I seriously am chary of people feeding pigeons.

    They think that they are being kind by helping to feed them. But pigeons are smart enough to find their own food!

    Feeding them will only make them bolder, more dependant on humans to feed them, increase the population of pigeons. Pigeons will in turn defecate the area!

    Eventually someone will complain and authorities will send in a crew to cull them.

    I've seen pigeons being drugged before. I've seen them fall off from the roof. Their eyes blinking but they cannot move from the poison. Then just swept and tossed into baskets as if they were rubbish.

    It was disturbing to see.

    People think they are being kind by feeing pigeons. No they are not.

  3. MKL
    Thanks! Yeah I know what you mean about the pigeons, they can be a nuisance. I dont like them but i dont want to hurt them too.

    Agree! Last time at my old place, every few weeks, the authorities send their men to shoot the pigeons or drug them. It was sad.


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