Monday, 13 July 2009

Kawaii baby

Finally a proper photo of Baby Amber sent by her mommy! She weighed 2.91kg at birth. Hmm... she is a little on the small size by today's standard, I think, partly because her mommy did not put on weight in this pregnancy. My buddy was 10kg lighter this time than her previous pregnancy! Anyway when I was born, I heard I was even smaller, I think about 2.7kg.

Baby Amber really has the "girl" look. Can't see who she resembles yet. People may think I'm crazy, eagerly showing them Amber's photo from my phone,as if she is my baby! *chuckle* Hope to see her soon!


  1. aiyoh...very kawaii baby ler...gosh...this is so cute...btw, thanks for ur wishes on my newborn too...


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