Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Reminiscing those days

This is me when I was 1 or 2 years old. I feel that that was the only time I was the cutest - as a toddler - although I think I had a "goondu kuku" (silly innocent) look. I was a really obedient kid, ok. My mom and aunts can attest to that. From birth, I had lots of thick black hair with little wavy curls too, while sis was botak (bald) when she was born (think I took all her hair). :P Even now, I have lots of hair.

My mom used to knit all our mittens, booties and caps when we were babies, as well as tops too. Wonder what happened to those that I've worn before. Wish I had kept some as momentos. I think I still have one brown cap knitted by mom though.

Mom told me in those days, every morning before she went to work, she had to wake up very early like 4-5am to cook for my grandparents (for their lunch). Her mother-in-law (my Grandmother) was the typical fierce authoritarian to her daughter-in-laws and did not lift a finger to do any housework although she was at home the whole day. My poor mom also had to wake me up at that unearthly hour so that she could bathe and clean me. My Grandpa was the one looking after me in those early years while my Grandmother was his pampered wife who just do nothing the whole day.

In those days, we were staying in Cecil Street, and my mom was working in one of the government ministries which was formerly situated at where the Fullerton Hotel stands now. So sometimes during lunch time, Mom would walk from her office back home just to see me and to ensure I was properly fed. And in the evening after work, she would rushed home to cook dinner for the whole family. Mom told me it always broke her heart to see me with unravelled messy hair, dirty face and with stained clothes at the end of the day. This was because my Grandpa, who was babysitting me, would bring me out everyday, everywhere he went. He doted on me the most but men being men, would not be as meticulous as women.
This was some party which my mom brought me and sis to. I was the one wearing a green party hat and the sweet flowery blouse with jeans and sis was the one with bob hairstyle wearing a frilly dress. Mom was behind her. Even my hairstyle was exactly like mom's. Hehe, we really looked goondu then.


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