Sunday, 30 August 2009

An inherent sense of being....

Yesterday was a beautiful day, although it was quite hot. Did you notice the skies were unusually blue yesterday?
I like the facade of old rundown shophouses, which are filled with such rich history.
I also like dancing clouds. I call this "The Soloist", because this blob of cloud was merrily swaying gracefully. Hee!
This guy having an idyllic read in the park.
Chanced upon this huge hibiscus flower and it is pink! See the droplets of water on its petals.
Sun setting fiercely.... it was really a hot day.
The sun was gone, followed by lazy orangy-hue skies.
And I reached home, saw that this plant of mine has sprouted little pink buds of flowers for the very first time. Love it!


  1. Hi!

    Nice photos. Hey ! how come vegetarians can eat eggs. I also wish to try going vegetarian and always thought vegetarian diet is strictly vegetable and beancurd stuff. Need your englightenment.

  2. This is a personal choice. I feel that being a vegetarian is someone who try not to eat dead animals (meat and fishes) who had to be killed to feed you. Eggs are not the result of causing death on the chickens (did not go through any killing process).

    It is very subjective on this topic, because vegetarians in different religious groups or within same religious groups have different definitions of what they can eat and what they cannot eat. I was taught, even in some cases, when someone ordered a meat dish for you unknowingly, it is not your fault (you did not choose to order it). The guiding principle is, we did not choose to harm the animals, and we did not choose to order meat. And yes, you have the option not to eat it.

    So in any case, I should be considered a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian for now, and not a Vegan.

  3. Hi,

    Many thanks for the reply.


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