Sunday, 23 August 2009

Purifying dream

I had a dream 2 nights ago. It seemed like I was in a tour somewhere, everywhere. Because in the dream, I saw many beautiful landscapes through the eyes of a camera. It was as if I was snapping each of the beautiful scenery. It was like I was watching a running projector of beautiful scenery before my eyes.  I tried to find online similar photos of those which I had seen in my dream.
Then I also dreamt I was in a very posh hotel, not sure where. The hotel was very crowded with many people booking in and checking out. I was with my buddies, Rich Friend and Joan.  Seemed like 3 of us were out on this trip. At first we were in some Western restaurant inside the hotel, eating and making lots of noise.  

Somehow after that, we were outside at the hotel lobby again. It was still crowded that we could not check in. We decided to play carrom I think, right on the floor of a staircase in the hotel lobby surrounded with people. Funny thing was, there was no carrom board. And I don't know what exactly we were playing, only 3 players. My 2 friends, as usual, were talking and laughing loudly and happily.

Then all of a sudden, with a blink of the eye, and I was on the bed inside the hotel room. I was alone. One side of my ear felt very itchy.  So I started to dig my ear to relieve the itch. Then something came out of my ear - some semi-hard brownish black substance the size of a 5-cent coin dropped onto my palm. I was feeling so weird as I observed the substance. The end of dream.

Hmm, when I woke up I tried to recall the dream. I am not so sure what was the meaning of the dream but I think the brownish black substance that came out meant some sort of purification, according to what I had read before. Well, hopefully. Hmmm....  

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