Monday, 21 December 2009

My role model

I am so glad I finally found this old photo of my smiling Great Grandmother who passed away almost 30 years ago, at age 90. She was a devoted Buddhist and full-time vegetarian for the later 40-50 years of her life. Here, she was wearing her Buddhist robe and with her mala beads. She was a regular authority at the temple.

Her constant daily practice and her strong faith in the Three Jewels led her into her final blissful journey. She will always be my role model. You can read about her here.


  1. It's such a blessing to hv matrons like ur great grandma in one's life. I hv never met my grandma who was not allowed to leave China in those days.

    My precious mom, however, is a wise, patient n calm parent, who lives for her 6 children (13 grandkids n 2 great granddaughters). I admire her strength in bringing us up on her own at the expense of decades of personal sacrifices. What I most treasured were thoughts of her warmth n the way she helped ironed out the problems when we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle.

    She's now cared for by a maid. I often wished we could turn back the clock n make life alot easier for our dear mom, but we were too busy trying to build a life for ourselves.

    I supposed history does repeat itself, from what I observed from the present generation where self satisfaction n consumerism is a focus in their lives. Pls enlighten me if u hv a different view on this aspect.

  2. I have to say it's true we think of our loved ones only in the latter years when they are already too old or weak or too late. That's when we recall how much they meant to us.

    I've had my share of being too preoccupied with myself to care for others. Yet as I get older, I also observe the same thing happening to the present generation. I've only this word to describe "self-absorbed". I guess we go through phases of realisation. It's sad only if we didn't at the end of the day.

  3. Yes, I totally agree. I only felt the loss of my mom when when she passed away. It is true that we are all to busy with our own lives giving all the attention on our growing children that we forget to spend more time with our parents.

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