Sunday, 6 September 2009

The empire state of eating

One of the days, when niece and nephew need not go to school, mom and I brought them out for lunch. This time was at Iluma again (because it was not as crowded as Bugis). And it was Empire State Restaurant again.
The cheery colours of the decor were lime green, orange, red, yellow. So bright and appetising, no? We sat at the enclosed U-shape sofa which could easily sit up to 8 persons. Rascal was so happy romping around in our red and yellow enclosure. We had all the privacy we wanted.  
I had to say I was disappointed that a number of the dishes which we wanted to order were not available. Again. It seemed they perennially do not have most items in the menu (then why did they have them printed out in the first place?). There went my mushroom sandwich. We ordered 2 main dishes, a soup, a salad and cheese sticks to share. Mom ordered the Honey Roasted Chicken which was a huge portion. Nephew wanted the Hawaiian Pizza while niece's order of the All-Day-Available-Big-Breakfast was, well, NOT available. 
I only touched the House salad, mushroom soup, the fries, and stole some pizza (I dug out the ham though....). Mom and I really loved the salad which has got some pistachio nuts as well. The kids loved all the food, especially the cheese sticks (which was wrapped and fried with popiah skin), the oh-so-tender chicken, and also the Oreo Chocolate milkshake which they shared. Mom and I shared a Mocha.
Ermm... I like to take photos of food closed up. Look at the drenched Oreo cookie from the milkshake.
We did not order the Giant Burger which I heard had to be shared with at least 4-5 persons. Guess we can only try it when the entire family comes along next time. I stole this pix of the "hugeass" burger from Sheylara.  This was just an ordinary outing for the kids, they and Mom enjoyed it very much, and that made me happy too.  

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