Monday, 14 September 2009

Weird "ya-ya" dream

I had a dream 2 nights ago. It was a long dream which, as usual, I could not recall everything. I dreamt of my godbro. He was behaving quite serious, and walking around in his tall frame, behaving so importantly, observing the people he saw and sniffed his nose at some of them. He seemed to exude a "ya-ya" (snobbish) demeanor. Then suddenly, a lama (monk) appeared out of nowhere. He was talking sternly to godbro about something for quite a while. Then Lama asked godbro to bend his head down. Lama proceeded to hold both his hands on godbro's shoulders and continued talking to godbro sternly, with godbro's head still bent down. I thought something was not quite right.  Then when Lama finished, suddenly godbro looked up and out of nowhere, he picked up a big basin of white uncooked rice (which was partially mixed with cooked rice). Then godbro bent down again, this time towards the basin of rice, and buried his face into the rice. He was not eating them, but rather, he was just plainly burying his face into the rice. It was so weird and I was shocked!!!!

Then continuing into another dream, I was in Dubai again, in my buddy's house, which looked totally different from the actual house and much bigger. There seemed to be many people around, and there was a younger cousin of mine, S,  there too. I was surprised to see her in my friend's house. She gave me an indifferent look, as if not recognising me and behaving in a "ya-ya" manner as well.  Then slowly, some of my family members appeared, and each of them was telling me about this cousin. I learnt that S has done something wrong, and had duped many people into letting her stay in my friend's house. And apparently I learnt that S had deliberately told the others to keep me in the dark. Then my buddy and her hubby appeared and also told me the same thing. In the dream I was teething with anger and asked my friend why she kept me in the dark, and wanted to rebuke my cousin S for her cunning action. I was so filled with disgust and anger in the dream that I was shouting at her, but no sound came out. In the dream, I thought to myself, I did not know that S was such a cunning person.

I have never been that close to this cousin and it was weird I should dream of her and in a such a despicable "ya-ya" manner too. What have godbro and S got to do with me? Hmm.... I am really stupified with this dream.

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