Sunday, 24 October 2010

Namgyalma mantra protection

Below is a beautiful Namgyalma mantra card, printed by Amitabha Buddhist Centre and specially blessed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche when he was here earlier this year. The day after Rinpoche left, he called and requested urgently that ABC install 100,000 light offerings immediately. So I was at ABC to participate and sponsor part of the 100,000 beautiful light offerings. Fred, the VP of ABC, happened to be in the office, so he asked if I would like to visit Rinpoche's personal room/apartment at the rooftop of ABC. Of course I said yes! The energy of the Rinpoche's personal room with all the Buddha statues and thangkas was incredibly powerful yet very calm.

Then as I toured briefly around the small apartment, Fred showed me a few stacks of this Namgyalma mantra card, freshly printed and just blessed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Rinpoche has specially commissioned the printing of this mantra. There were 2 sizes of the mantra card, another in amulet form, and also car decals as well. Fred gave me the mantra cards as well as a few amulets of this beautiful mantra (thanks, Fred!). I had the bigger mantra card in A4 size framed up and placed at home.

Namgyalma is a Bodhisattva for long life and purification. Her mantra has infinite benefits. It is said to be so powerful that anybody who hears it will never again be born from the womb. Therefore, if animals hear it, they will never again be reborn in the lower realms.

Benefits of Namgyalma Mantra, as advised by Lama Zopa Rinpoche:

"The Namgyalma mantra is extremely powerful and is the main mantra to purify and liberate beings from the lower realms, purify negative karma, and help those who are dying or have died by chanting it in their ear or placing it on their body.

For instance, if this mantra is placed on a mountain,the entire mountain becomes blessed and any people, animals or insects who touch or climb the mountain are purified of negative karma and liberated from the lower realms. If you hang this mantra as a banner then even the shadow from the banner purifies the negative karma of anyone who comes in contact with it. Similarly, if this mantra is hung in your home, everyone in the house, not only people but all of the animals and insects will be purified of their negative karma and liberated from the lower realms. And it is excellent to have this mantra on your car, on the inside roof, on the passenger side visor, or on the outside of the car. This way, every time someone enters your car they are blessed by the power of this mantra. Also, any animal that touches the car, is killed in an accident, or is run over by the car, including extremely tiny insects that you can't see – they are completely purified.

By having this mantra on the car, or house window, then even the shadow will bless sentient beings. The dust, wind, water and rain that touches it with the Namgyalma mantra becomes blessed so that any person or animal or insect who comes in contact with the dust, wind, water or rain becomes purified.

I suggest that you give copies of this mantra sticker to other people in your community and explain the benefits of it. We need to print more Namgyalma stickers, many different sizes for others to use in the car, home, motorbike, bicycle, etc."

Read the story here how Shakyamuni Buddha manifested as Namgyalma and gave teachings of this mantra.


  1. hi,

    how to get the car decal from ABC?

    just walk in and ask, do donation, can?

  2. Hi Eric
    I am checking with ABC about the stock. If have I can get it for u this Friday. If not if you are nearby, you can also just drop in to check and do some donations. Friday is merit multiplying day. They are closed on Mondays. :D

  3. I refer to the Namgyalma mantra cards and amulets designed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche :

    (1) apart form having "liberating" effects, do they also confer protection against dangers, disasters, diseases, etc ?

    (2) what are the "rules" or "protocols" to observe when using them ?

    Thanks and regards, Stephen


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