Sunday, 18 October 2009

Nothing venomous

Gosh, another dream and I hate snakes.

I was in this big white building, not a commercial building or a shopping mall, but just a simple looking building painted with white walls. Looked more like a community centre to me.

I think I was with my godbro, his mom, his younger brother and my parents.  We were supposed to be going into a restaurant. But we could not decide which restaurant and what to eat. So everyone dilly-dallied, exploring the place. Godbro, his brother and I saw 2 beautiful tall long-hair ladies (although I could not remember how they look like now), and we striked a conversation with them. Think we were asking them what nice food were there.

Suddenly we appeared somewhere else in a totally different place outdoors, where there were many rows of shophouses. Again the 3 of us were loitering around looking for food, yet could not decide. Then again we were back inside the white building. Godbro's mom and my parents told us we were eating there at a big round table with white cloth. We were told to sit and wait for the food. Then I got up to go somewhere, probably to the loo.

On the way, I saw an insect crawling on the floor, I think it was a beetle. I caught sight of one of the beautiful ladies and told her to pick up the beetle and to put it somewhere else.  The lady put it into a black sack and just left the sack on the floor. Just then, I saw the sack moving, grew bigger and fatter before my eyes.  As I went closer to peer, I saw a snake moving inside the sack!  It moved slowly trying to get out of the sack. Its shiny body was in yellow and black prints. As the realisation sank in, I was panicking, and looking for that beautiful lady to come rid the sack. However the snake was just slowly slithering out of the sack, and moving towards the opposite direction. It was not attacking anyone or doing anything, just quietly moving away. I just gawked from a distance.  

I could not remember everything in the dream, some parts I could not recall. I think this is probably the first time I have ever dreamt of snakes. In real life, I do not like snakes. I do not think that this dream was in any way bad or representing something unsettling, as the snake did not "attack" or "react". It fact, he went away. Hopefully it represents obstacles going away.  :D

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