Wednesday, 28 October 2009

We learn by doing

This evening I attended the Guru puja in DPL. Every 10th and 25th days of the Tibetan calendar, Guru puja will be conducted, even if it does not fall on a weekend. More lamas are gradually coming back from Gaden Shartse monastery in India. There are about 10 lamas now.
By doing the Guru Puja, we create the causes for a good connection with our spiritual teacher, and this connection is the root of the path. All the realizations on the path to enlightenment depend upon our spiritual friend.

And tonight I am so happy to have made a friend. A fellow blogger and one of my readers recognised me. Happy to finally meet you, Mr B! You know who you are! *BIG WAVE*  Hope to catch up with you again. There are many things I need to consult you about the blogging world, as well as sharing our experiences about the Dharma and gurus.  :)


  1. Beautiful picture! You are so lucky to have so many wonderful events and lamas so close to you. There are just a few close to me, and it seems like there's always so much drama and fighting. Maybe it's just growing pains.


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