Thursday, 9 December 2010

I am under the weather!

It's only 10.30pm and I'm already in bed. Being a true blue blogger, I'm blogging this on my mobile phone in bed. My sore throat and headache have resulted in a high fever tonight. Without the Aircon and fan switched on and the windows all shut, I'm already shivering from cold, buried under my thick quilt cover. Mind you, I have not fallen ill for the past 3 years! I'm definitely not relishing these moments that my head feels so heavy and bulging. Moreover I cannot take any medication except cough syrup because I'm practically allergic to all fever medicine!

I wonder is it due to the absence of pujas these 3-4 weeks. I strongly believe the powers of pujas can protect us from various obstacles. Two years ago, when I missed attending pujas for 6 months when the Buddhist centre was closed for renovations, that was the lowest period of my life when I met unscrupulous and cunning acquaintances during the course of work. Call it coincidence or otherwise, I believe and have experienced the effectiveness of pujas in helping to clear different problems. I am treating this little illness as a purification of the body, speech and mind. May I get well soon!


  1. Get well soon, some vitamin c might be useful too :-)

  2. Char-bo-lang says :
    Rest and get well soon!
    Om mani pad mae hum!

  3. Marina, thanks! Am drinking lots H2O!

    OB and CBL, thanks u, see u soon!


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